Q: Do you know why breeders such as Keystone Kennel have so much
success selling the puppies they post on their websites?

A: Because nothing sells faster or easier than the face of a new
innocent puppy!  The puppy virtually sells itself!

Just ask Scrabble!
On the Keystone Kennel's Miniature Dachshund Family Photo Album, there was a photo posted of Zero,
a very light coated dachshund playing with a little pink pig that the McCarty's to Kathleen McMullen.  

Zero had Parvo when Keystone sold him and he nearly died.  He had serious health issues for a very
long time, yet they so proudly displayed his photo.  You would never know this by just looking at the
photos they had posted before the signs of his illness appeared.  (like the ones you see below)  

They certainly don't have a caption on the photo that tells you "I was sold and infected with Parvo!"

These are the photos of Zero trying to recover from Parvo soon after Kathleen bought him.  You won't
find these on Keystone Kennel's aka Miniature Dachshunds of Georgia's website.
Investigative Report
on Keystone Kennel
by Randy Travis
May 2008