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If you have had an experience with Keystone Kennel,
or you know of someone that has, please send me your
story, documentation, emails, and photos for me to add
to this site.

Places like Keystone Kennel should not be in business.

Animals, and the people that truly love them should
not be made to suffer.
Thank you for visiting my website. I hope
you that you find this site to be informative.
Please feel free to email me if you have any
questions, comments or suggestions for
making this website a better place to visit.

The purpose of this site is to help people
make a more informed decision when it
comes to buying ANY pet.

It has become my personal preference to
suggest looking at the option of researching
the rescue groups. There are so many sweet
dogs, of EVERY breed that need good
loving homes. I will provide as many links
possible on Scrabble's "Rescue Links" page.

***There are many breeders that are ethical,
loving and care first and foremost about the
welfare of their dogs and puppies. They truly
want this to be a great experience for both the
puppy and the prospective owner. You must
make sure that this is the kind of breeder you
are dealing with when you decide that you
want to purchase a puppy from one. Though
my first experience with a breeder was not a
good one, I do know people that have had
wonderful experiences with caring breeders.

Please research, ask a lot of questions!

DO NOT get a puppy from a breeder just
because they have a nice looking website.

DO NOT put down a deposit or pay in
advance for a puppy unless you are
ABSOLUTELY certain that you are buying
from a good breeder.  Ask for references!

NEVER pay cash without asking for a
receipt.  Read all documents carefully!  
"If you have had any problems with Keystone Kennel or any other
problematic breeder, please feel free to contact the Governor's
Office of Consumer Affairs (this is where you can file a complaint
regarding consumer fraud i.e. fraudulent puppy sellers) It is really
important that they have all contact numbers and information of
people that have been frauded/conned/ripped off by Keystone
Kennel or any other breeding establishment.

You should be as concise as possible. Include as much
information as you can about your case and include all the names
that the breeder is using to do business, including website
addresses, and the address and phone number of the breeder."

Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia
This is Scrabble, just two days before his transfusion.
You say you want to help make a


Then I urge you to please look into
your local shelters and specific
breed rescue groups to find your
furry companions!

There are so many in need and you
can't go wrong!

Don't think twice - save a life.  
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