Keystone Kennel Reports
Below are public reports and complaints filed with the Georgia Department of
Agriculture on Keystone Kennel.  I have asked for the rest of the records that date
from 2004 to present day but the Department of Agriculture will not release the
records to me stating that they cannot release the records while Keystone is under
investigation.  I have been asking for these records for the past year and a half.
***The following guest book entry is
from Elizabeth Dunlap. This was
her experience with Keystone after
pre-paid $900.00 for a puppy:

Elizabeth Dunlap Thursday,
8/24/06, 10:59 AM

"I gave Patti and Ian $900.00 for a
puppy I never received. They told me
my dog died. I have not received
one dollar back or a dog. I filed a
lawsuit in magistrate office and of
course got a judgement. I have a
Fi-Fa against them right now. They
will auction her wedding set and
another ring on the courthouse
steps on September 5th. to go
towards my judgement amount.
Please include me in any actions
you take against them."

From: Kennesaw, Ga. 30152
How would you feel if you received an email like
the one below?  

This is the original email sent to Keystone Kennel
by a potential customer. The response that these
folks got back from Keystone is frightening. This is
NOT the kind of response you would expect to get
from a reliable and caring breeder.

EMAIL from Keystone to customer
Maybe this is why the Animal Protection Division Inspectors claim they don’t have the time or funds to
adequately address other establishments?  It took them nine (9) years along with many complaints and
visits to her numerous locations during those nine years to finally have Patti McCarty sign into a
Consent Agreement that now places her on two years probation.  

Other inspection reports on Patti McCarty  

Keystone Kennels aka Miniature Dachshunds of Georgia

Patti McCarty – Georgia. Department of Agriculture Animal Protection Division Licensee P-1789

04-08-08 location:  2829 Old Ball Ground Hwy Canton, Ga 30114

History Time Line:

4-23-1999 – 7560 Wallace Tatum Rd Cumming, Ga.   Inspection report states McCarty unlicensed.  Report states McCarty moved
from another location to current location and states she will be leaving this location in approximately 8 months. Inspector states
kennels/enclosures appear to not have been cleaned for 3+ days.  Owner states he is correct as things have been going on in
the past few days.  Inspector states not all dogs housed are able to escape sun/elements. Inspector states that not animals
appear to be receiving humane care due to unsanitary conditions and lack of shelter for dogs.  

9-1999 – 7560 Wallace Tatum Rd Cumming, Ga -  no date for when complaint filed. States complaint filed by Bigi Ritter alleging
lack of food/water, dead dogs observed, dogs have bowel issues and other health problems, no ventilation for puppies/adults.  

7-2-2001 – 5717 Cumming, Hwy Canton, Ga  - Complaint filed – operating without license over 100 dogs housed.

7-17-2001 –  5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga  - Complaint filed Inspection report states breeding/selling without license, 100+
dogs being housed, dogs not properly protected from overhead elements/no tarps. Report states McCarty's state they used to
be licensed but moved out of state for a couple of years. McCarty's submitted a license application to inspector.  License fee
shows $50 fee received 7-24-2001.   Inspector Ray Deluca writes “Good luck” on the pre-license inspection report. No fine or
violation written issued for operating without license. Inspector Ray Deluca states in inspection report “I suggested owner to
lower contract health from 7 to 3 days for various reasons”.  Complaint closed.  

6-4-2002 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga - 3 violations issued: shelter from elements, shelter from sun, structural strength of

8-18-2002 – Online documentation from Dani Startt regarding her puppy purchase from McCarty.  

12-2002 – Complaint filed by Dani Starrt stemming from puppy purchase in December of 2002.  Complainant’s documentation
shows time line from Dec 2002 through June 20, 2003 with attempts to obtain AKC paperwork for her puppy.  

12-2002 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – Documentation of Dr. Michelle Ross regarding puppy purchase Christmas of 2002.  
Documentation shows time line of Ross’ attempts to obtain AKC paperwork as being from purchase date to May 16, 2003.   

5-16-2003 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – Inspection report states inspector drove to location for pre-license and past due
license renewal.  

7-8-2003 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – Complaint filed alleging refusal to send AKC paperwork to buyer.   

7-8-2003 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga -  Inspection report states visited location due to complaint filed alleging McCarty
refusing to send AKC paperwork in timely manner. Inspector states McCarty states that she has gone through some ‘terrible
personal problems in the last six months’.  

7-9-2003 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – Inspection report states “Under direct orders from Animal Protection Manager
Mary Greene, I am issuing a “Stop Sale / Stop Movement” order – for not providing buyers with AKC paperwork in timely manner.

12-23-2003 – Online documentation from Cheryl Haralson regarding her puppy purchase from McCarty.  

2-4-2004 –  Email complaint filed by Genene Redshaw –  Purchased puppy May 2003, have not received AKC paperwork.  
Handwritten on email:  “licensed? Where is located / Cherokee/ complaint – failure to provide registration papers,
misrepresentation. See Ray Deluca before acting on this complaint”.   

2-6-2004 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – complaint filed by Genene Redshaw for failing to receive AKC paperwork on puppy
purchased – on complaint it is noted by Dept of Ag staff “See Ray Deluca before acting on this complaint”. Inspector Lisa Martin
received the complaint, was contacted by Field Supervisor Ray Deluca during the work day to inform her that he would handle
this complaint and any future complaints filed against Patti McCarty.  Inspector Lisa Martin hand wrote on the complaint “Per
Ray Deluca on 02-10-2004 – taken care of”

7-22-2004 –  Ian McCarty states in email to Melody Hankins that the Dept of Ag recommended they change their health
guarantee from 7 days down to 3 days.   

7-27-2004 – 8018 Ball Ground Hwy Cumming, Ga – Complaint filed by Melody Reeder, Tim Horton and Lois Perham, due to
puppies purchased diagnosed with Coccidia and Giardia.  

7-28-2004 – 8018 Ball Ground Hwy Cumming, Ga – Complaint filed by Doa/regarding Melody Reeder complaint of sick puppies
sold to her and others.

8-12-2004 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – inspection report states inspector issued verbal quarantine for Giardia and
Coccidia. Inspector states due to lack of inspectors and time he issued the quarantine by phone.   

8-23-2004 – 8018 Ball Ground Rd Cumming, Ga –  Letter complaint resent by Melody Reeder.

8-24-2004 –  8018 Old Ball Ground Rd Cumming, Ga – pre-license license inspection for new location.  

8-24-2004 – 5717 Cumming Hwy Canton, Ga – inspection report states visit is to release quarantine that was issued on 8-12-

2-2005 – Inspection report with date  received via fax as 02-02-2005 – states dogs being housed in closed garage in 90+ degree
temperatures, inadequate food/water, dried fecal matter observed throughout the garage enclosure, Inspector states he gave
water to dogs.  Inspector states he took photos of inside of garage area where dogs were being housed to document unsanitary

6-28-2005 -  Online documentation from Beverly Dinkins regarding her puppy purchase from McCarty.  

7-2005 – Online documentation from Jennifer Durham regarding her puppy purchase from McCarty.  

2005 – Online documentation from James Lambert regarding his puppy purchase from McCarty, and his filing a lawsuit in
Cherokee County against McCarty. He was awarded $1800.00 in January of 2008.  

10-13-2005 – AKC inspector attempted to inspect location/dogs and was refused by Patti McCarty who states in letter dated 11-
10-2005 that she had a family tragedy and was unable to allow an inspection at that time.  

10-26-2005: AKC letter sent to McCarty stating that due to her refusal to be inspected, the AKC is invoking the provisions of
Chapter 4, Section 6 of the Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline’.   

11-28-2005 – AKC documentation sent by AKC to McCarty, regarding improper documentation by allowing another person to
sign/stamp her signature on any AKC document without a power of attorney on file in their office.  Notice sent to 8018 Ball
Ground Rd Cumming, Ga.  AKC gives McCarty a time limit to submit fine and proper documentation regarding dogs.  

04-03-06 – 8018 Ball Ground Rd Cumming, Ga  - Operating without a license since 07-31-05 – inspection report states McCarty
will mail payment 04-04-06    Placed on Stop Sale / Stop Movement Order.

05-02-2006: Complaint filed by Jennifer Dorward alleging dog’s housing conditions

05-05-06 – 8018 Ball Ground Rd  Cumming, Ga  - Stop Sale / Stop Movement Order

8 Violations issued:  Housekeeping, no shade for dogs, primary enclosure sanitation, waste disposal, expired license, expired
county business license.  

05-08-06 – 8018 Ball Ground Rd Cumming, Ga  - Report filed by Cherokee County Animal Control Officer Casteel stating kennel
was in zoning violation.  

05-30-2006:  Complaint filed per Animal Protection Director Mary Greene alleging dog’s housing conditions.  

06-05-2006 – Complaint closed due to lack of information from complainant.

06-12-2006 – Inspection report states McCarty’s are moving to Summerville, FL

06-20-2006 – Inspection report states dogs were moved to Florida on 06-19-2006

06-26-06 –  Edwards Mill Rd Canton, Ga location - Inspector states she  met with Cherokee County Marshal Ray Waters at
McCarty’s new business location 1664 Edwards Mill Rd Ball Ground, Ga – report states adult dogs are located at Lemon Lane in
Holly Springs, Ga.  Report states that due to a neighbor’s complaint regarding barking dogs, they will be moving to a new
location, undetermined at that time.  

06-27-2006 – Inspection report states Ray Deluca, Mary Greene, Venessa Sims-Green visited McCarty’s establishment located
at Edwards Mill Rd Ball Ground, Ga to follow up on an investigation conducted by Inspector Linda Thompson on 06-26-2006.  100+
dogs observed.  Ian McCarty states that the dogs were moved two days ago from a field in south Cherokee County. McCarty’s
state the Florida move fell through but dogs were already loaded on moving trailer so they took them to a friend’s house in south
Cherokee County.  Deluca states the dogs are being housed overcrowded when put into the exercise yard.  McCarty was told to
notify the Dept of Ag when/if dogs were moved again.   

06-23-2006 – Complaint filed by Terry Millford alleging McCarty’s refusal to send AKC paperwork.  

06-28-2006 – Email sent by Animal Protection Director Mary Greene stating to not renew McCarty’s license without permission
from her and Venessa Sims-Green.  Green states, in her email, “She is guilty of “misrepresentation” because she sells
“registered puppies” and then refuses to give new owner registration papers”.  

07-10-2006 – Inspection report states drove to 1664 Edwards Mill Rd Ball Ground, Ga reference complaint regarding refusal to
send AKC paperwork.  Report states “Not at home”.  

7-14-2006 – Complaint filed by Todd Kitchen alleging McCarty will not uphold buyer/seller agreement, nor send registration
paperwork on puppy purchased.  

07-26-2006 – Complaint filed by Officer Casteel with the Cherokee County Animal Control/Marshal’s
Office alleging dead dogs, overcrowding, excessive barking.  
Report states the dogs were housed in a
chicken house.  Inspector states that Ian McCarty told her that when he arrived there were 4 (four)
dead dogs found in an enclosure.  4 enclosures measuring approximately 15 x 15:  (1) 20 dogs, (2) 17
dogs, (3) 15 dogs, (4) 15 dogs.  Inspector states the 4 dog deaths were from stress fighting, relocation
and overcrowding. Inspector states there were fresh four wheel tracks observed in the front half of
the chicken house, which “probably contributed to the excessive barking and stress fighting which
caused the death of the animals”.  

07-26-2006 – Re Terry Millwood’s complaint – McCarty states paperwork has been sent – state the delay was due to the move
and they had to find the paperwork.  

08-04-2006 – Complaint filed by Judith Ayoroa alleging refusal to send AKC paperwork on 8 dogs sold, and will not return calls
attempting to contact seller. No address if noted for seller’s address.  Complaint states to “Check with Ray Deluca on location”.

08-10-2006 – 1235 Holbrook Campground Rd Cumming, Ga – Inspector states location/housing for dogs is a chicken house.  
Report states visit due to second complaint filed.  

08-11-2006 – Inspection report states inspector drove to 1664 Edwards Mill Rd Cumming, Ga for the purpose of giving
information to McCarty:  License 07-31-2005  Inspector advises conference hearing if not compliant within 30 days.  

08-11-2006 – Inspection report states inspector drove to location per the Atlanta office to verify current animal inventory at 1235
Holbrook Campground Rd Cumming, Ga.  Report states inventory as: Adults 60 , Puppies 21, and “retired/pet animals 30 non
breeding animals”.  

8-21-2006 – Complaint filed by Lisa Romero alleging licensee refusal to send AKC paperwork.  

08-27-2006 – Complaint filed by Terry Millwood alleging he has made attempts to contact McCarty regarding unsent AKC
paperwork but attempts have failed.  

9-19-2006 –  Copy of Cherokee County Business License registration for 2829 Ball Ground Hwy Canton, Ga – paperwork shows
business name as “Cherokee County Puppy Mill”.  Business license expiration date 12-31-2006.  

9-23-2006 – Inspection report states inspector drove to 1664 Edwards Mill Rd Cumming, Ga but house was empty.  Inspector
states she left a message phone number for licensees to call with their location.   

9-23-2006 – Inspection report states that inspector drove to 1235 Holbrook Campground Cumming, Ga  but dogs are no longer at
this location.  Inspector states she left message phone number to contact Dept of Ag with their current location.   

9-27-2006 – Inspection report states she has been unable to reach McCarty’s by phone – and to see attached business license
information.  Inspector states that this licensee is under a “Stop Sale / Stop Movement” order and will need to pay $800.00 to
bring her establishment into compliance.  

12-2006 – Online documentation from Jenna Holtzman regarding her puppy purchase from McCarty.  

12-07-2006 – Email complaint received from Jenna Holtzman alleging buying a sick puppy from McCarty.  

12-11-2006 – Complaint filed by Sharon Tatum alleging bad condition of dogs being housed.  

12-12-2006 – Inspection report states inspector drove to 2829 Ball Ground Hwy Canton, Ga with Animal Protection Director Mary
Greene and Office Manager Venessa Sims – Green due to numerous complaints. Report states that licensee continued
operating while under “Stop Sale / Stop Movement” order which was due to expired license since 7-31-2005.  The McCarty’s had
previously requested that their license fee be downgraded to $100 per year.  Report states “Per the reports received by the
Atlanta office of diagnosed puppies with Parvo, issued quarantine to be released 12-15-2006.  “There will be conference this
complaint and situations ongoing”.

12-13-2006 -  Handwritten note from Dr. Nathan Orr of Orr Animal Clinic in Cumming, Ga stating that a puppy belonging to
McCarty was seen, and treated by him, for Parvo.

12-19-2006 – Complaint from Sharon Tatum filed in Atlanta office alleging sick puppy bought from McCarty diagnosed with Parvo
within a week of purchase.

12-27-2006 – Inspection report states inspector drove to location to pick up documentation requested by Dept of Ag concerning
three dogs with medical conditions, and AKC documentation.    Documentation from McCarty regarding medical conditions of
various dogs in her possession, and McCarty stating that she was under the assumption that her yearly license fee had been
downgraded to $100 per year due to her request to the Dept of Ag.  

4-12-2007 – Pre-license license inspection at 2829 Old Ball Ground Hwy Canton, Ga  Report states licensee’s yearly license fee
will be $100 – and due to operating without license since 2005, with late fees, etc, total amount needed will be $400 from this

3-1-2008: License issued with expiration date of 7-31-2008. Total licensing time is 4 months and 30 days.

3-25-2008 – Documentation of a $200 money order paid by McCarty re fines imposed. Case 07-124   

4-6-2008 –
Email sent by former Animal Protection Inspector Lisa Martin to GA Dept of Ag Animal
Protection Director Mary Greene, Office Manager Venessa Sims-Greene, and Field Supervisor Ray
Deluca.  Lisa states that, as of 4-10-2008, she has yet to receive any sort of response from the
recipients of her email.   

4-8-2008 –
Copy of Consent Agreement signed 3-25-2008 between Patti and Ian McCarty, as
Respondents, imposing a $6,000 fine against McCarty, with $5,000 being suspended pending the
completion of two year probation with no violations.  
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